We are the OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS of IIFA 2011 Toronto

Everything we have ever done, everything we stand for, every person that has helped along the way has led to this incredible moment. It is our proud honor to announce that we are the OFFICIAL IIFA 2011 PHOTOGRAPHERS. We have no words to describe how excited we are – 700 million TV viewers, 20000+ attendees from around the world, the top bollywood celebs – and 5 of our finest photographers!

Check out the IIFA website – http://iifa.com/toronto2011/

And keep up to date on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/projectedlife) for the official IIFA coverage of all the events.

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Learning and Inspiration at Mystic Seminars 2011

Every year, right in the middle of the winter off-season, we here at Projected Life like to take off for a weekend for a little learning and inspiration. As you may know from our facebook page, this January we were down in the quaint little town of Mystic, Connecticut for an photo industry event aptly called Mystic Seminars. We love that we we get to hang out with fellow artists and photographers from all over North America, learn from some of the masters of the business (Jerry Ghionis, Jesh De Rox, Sergio, Micheal Greenberg to name a few), develop personally and professionally.

We always come back with a tonne of cool new ideas for our studio and how to serve our clients better. And have some really amazing things in the works! Shhhh…

Here is a little fun video of what we were up :-)

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Bakul+Sean – Delta Chelsea Hotel – Toronto Hindu Wedding Photography

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The Secret Lives of Wedding Photographers

I recently came across an article by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) that I found particularly insightful and amusing for our clients and other photographers.

The Perception

How some people think wedding photographers spend their time (and how some photographers WISHED they could spend their time):

Wedding Photographer's Time - Perception

The Reality

How wedding photographers REALLY spend their time:

Wedding Photographer's Time - Reality

You can read the complete article here: http://www.ispwp.com/the-secret-life-of-wedding-photographers.html

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FREE TRAVEL OFFER – Our Wedding Photographers are available Worldwide

Whether you are getting married in California, Cancun, Karachi, or Kuala Lumpur, you can now FLY US ANYWHERE, FOR FREE!

Starting immediately, we are offering no-charge worldwide travel on our premium wedding photography collections until March 2011. Book us for a wedding anywhere in the world and we will come to you! :-)

We’d love to bring our fresh perspective to your international wedding. Make it extra-ordinary. Email us at taha@projectedlife.com and tell us where you’d like us to be.

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asma - i’m confused – if i pay for your ticket/s, your services are free or charge, or you find your own way to my destination, but i still pay for your services?


Taha Ghaznavi - hi asma, the latter. you commission us to shoot your wedding anywhere in the world, and we’ll cover the travel charges. :-)

would you like to chat about this? taha@projectedlife.com

Aman - Hi,

Would this offer still be available for a engagement in August of this upcoming summer?

Taha Ghaznavi - yes, if you book us now! :-)

where is the engagement? email us taha@projectedlife.com and we’ll take it from there

saab - hi guys
saw ur work on a Facebook page- an Indian wedding
makes me want to get married again
the vivid colors- the ingrained textures, the atypical perspective, the uncanny emotions- wow-
(just a small tip- if u were to adjust the size/placement of ur logo on the published pic.)

Shezad Ahmed Din - Hi,

I would like to know how much you guys charge for you photography packages. I would like to know if your avaialable for a 3 hour session on the 1st june this year and the 3rd of june in canada for a 5 hour shoot.



Taha Ghaznavi - Hi Shezad, please email us at taha@projectedlife.com and I can help you with that. We are available!

Mehreen - Hey Taha
Messaged you a few times. And I have sent you an email… need some information re: rates! Kind of urgent.. as this shoot is in less than two weeks!!! :)

jess - Hey taha
is this offer still valid for weddings in india ? Loooove ur work!!! :)

Taha Ghaznavi - Hi Jess, no it’s not but I am sure we can work something similar out! :-) Let’s chat – please email me at Taha@ProjectedLife.com and talk about the wedding. Do you have the dates firmed yet?